05 April 2021

Which TUSQ XL Nut for a Squier Classic Vibe Strat?

TL;DR: TUSQ XL Nut (model PQL-5000-00) – See measurements at the bottom of the post (Fig. 3).

I wanted to replace the broken nut on my 2019 Classic Vibe Strat, but I couldn't find a single definitive answer to which model is definitely the right model. Well, I did find some correct answers, but I didn't know they were the correct answers because there were so many different answers. I saw a lot of posts saying it fits a Squier Strat (Bullet? Affinity? Standard? CV? Not specified) and a Fender Strat, but I didn't know enough about the differences among the models to know which nut would fit the Classic Vibe in particular.

I ended up getting a TUSQ XL Nut (model PQL-5000-00). The string spacing is clearly the same as the Classic Vibe Strat. But the nut is longer overall, so I had to file the ends. 

Fig. 1. Stock nut still installed (note the chip be the low E string) with TUSQ nut setting on the strings. The string spacing is virtually identical.

Fig. 2. TUSQ nut installed and sanded. Note the skewed neck carve.

Another note: I was expecting to have to score the heck out of the finish around the nut, but it came out pretty easy with only minor scoring along the edges where the nut meets the finish.

Here are the dimensions, taken with a digital caliper. I'm not sure if I got the string spacing exactly right, but even if I did 2/10ths of a millimeter is a negligible difference.

A note about the dimensions below: I used TUSQ's terminology. So width doesn't refer to what we normally think of as nut width.

Fig. 3. Stock vs. TUSQ Nut Dimensions