18 August 2007

Restoring my first guitar, 28 years later

In the summer of 1979, Dad bought me a guitar and amp for $15. It was rewired and refinished in the 80's, and at some point in the late 90's, the pickup fell off, and I played it once in a while without amplification. It's nice to have around to strum on once in a while, but I've wanted to fix it up for a long time. I'm unemployed, so what better time than now?
Pictured above is a guitar that is quite similar to my guitar as it appeared when I first got it. Mine only had one pickup and slightly different hardware. To see the step-by-step transformation, go to http://picasaweb.google.com/lycidas512/RestoringMyFirstGuitar
The results aren't that impressive, but it was fun, and it sounds pretty good. And, it only cost about $15 to fix it up. I'll probably spend a few more dollars on a knob for the volume control.