12 April 2020

Replaced a Yamaha FS700 saddle with a Tusq Compensated Saddle

I'm only posting this because it took me a little while to be sure I was ordering the right saddle and nut. I found several forum posts for "Which Tusq saddle for Yamaha FS700?" but a lot of noise in the responses. I found my answer somewhere in an amazon review. Figured this might help somebody find a definitive answer a little sooner.

So the answer to the question "Which Tusq saddle for Yamaha FS700?" in this case is Tusq product number PO-9276-CO TUSQ 3" Compensated Acoustic. The numbers as they appear on the label in Fig. 1 are:
Length: 3.0204
Width: .1236
Height: .3669
Tusq PO-9276-CO 3" Compensated Acoustic Saddle Product Info
Fig. 1. Tusq Saddle Product Info
 I had to sand every dimension to make it fit. I only needed to sand the width and length a little. I can't remember exactly how much I sanded off the height, but it was easily 1/8" or so. Sanding, checking, sanding again, and checking again,etc., took 10 to 15 minutes total.

Tusq Saddle package
Fig. 2. Tusq package with original Yamaha plastic saddle

Fig. 2 shows the package with the original Yamaha saddle, which is much rounder along the top than the Tusq saddle. Not sure if you can tell from the rest of the photos, but the ridge along the top of the Tusq saddle is pretty defined.

Tusq saddle installed
Fig. 3. Tusq saddle installed

Once I installed the saddle and restrung the guitar, I realized the ends of the saddle are pretty pointy. Against my better judgment I rounded both ends with a small file. I should have removed it to do that, but I didn't scrape the bridge (which I was almost sure would happen), so no harm done. The ends don't look great, so next time I change the strings, I take the saddle out and round the edges better.

Tusq saddle - bass end after filing
Fig. 4. Bass end after filing

Tusq saddle - treble end after filing
Fig. 5. Treble end after filing
I also have the Tusq replacement nut for this guitar, but still haven't gotten around to replacing it. The product info for the nut is PQ-6116-00, but I haven't verified it yet. I think I also found that one in an amazon review.