17 March 2014

Biyang Fuzz Star FZ-10 Repair

I did this one for squeaks and gigs. I knew it would not be worth much even after I fixed it.

It was quite a mess when I opened it. The six pins that connect the two boards were not even in the holes, and several solder pads were missing, most likely the result of the previous repair attempt.

I did the following: 
  • Removed the six pins and replaced them with wire
  • Used a razor to expose some of the copper traces adjacent to the missing pads and placed mini-jumpers from the wire to the exposed copper
  • Put two longer jumpers where there was no room to expose the adjacent copper trace

Ugly, but it works and the connections are solid. Again, it’s not worth much, but because I often repair pedals that someone has already tried to repair, I see a lot of lifted pads and traces, so the practice was good.