21 June 2011

DOD YJM-308 Preamp True Bypass Mod

I don't care that much about true bypass, but a lot of people do, so I wanted to put this info out there. I just completed the true bypass mod for the DOD YJM-308 pedal, and it was incredibly easy. I used a 3PDT switch so I will have the option of installing an LED at some point, time permitting.

First, remove the original switch and replace it with a 3PDT switch. Then wire everything as shown in this photo and crude diagram (bottom view, of course):

It's hard to make out the wiring in the photo, and the diagram is pretty crude, but between the two of them, you should be able to discern where the wires go.

Put everything back together and that's it. All I have left to do is add the optional LED, and then use some nail polish remover to remove Yngwie's signature and name from the pedal. Again, I'm not a believer in true bypass, but I love this pedal. It was a pleasant $30 surprise (it helps to have a good amp, of course). But I'm not a signature model type -- and if I were, it wouldn't be Yngwie's signature -- so the name is going.

I should also add that the battery just fits. And I mean .00000 tolerance. So it won't bang around the enclosure when you move it.