06 March 2014

Simple Fix for a 1976 Morley Pro Flanger

Last year, I repaired a 1976 Morley Pro Flanger (PFL) pedal, doubling its value in the process. 
It ended up being a simple fix, so I thought I'd share my brief repair notes.

Morley Flanger Repair Notes, 031713:
  • Pot codes: 1377621 (May 1976)
  • Pedal passes a signal in bypass
  • Passes a signal when engage, but no flange effect  
  • Checked switches – all worked fine.
  • All solder connections seemed very solid.
  • No obviously burnt out components.
  • Because everything else looked fine, I started adjusting the trimpots, one at a time (I marked the original positions first of course).
  • The 25k trimpot next to the 100k trimpot seemed to do the trick. When I adjusted it, flange became apparent in the signal.

Pedal worked fine in foot and auto modes after that.

For those that are not familiar with Morley, this pedal works by way of a black fabric at the far end that covers and uncovers a photoresistor as the pedal is moved forward and backward.