16 October 2012

Guitar Fetish (GFS): Low Quality Products, Low Quality Customer Service

Not only does GFS sell extremely low quality products, you will probably have to pay for shipping to return them. Here are pictures of a strat body I bought. The holes did not even come close to lining up with the holes on my Fender-licensed neck (which lined up perfectly with the previous three Strat bodies it was on). So I contacted GFS, and I got a pretty impersonal reply telling me to return the body. When they received it, I was refunded the purchase price, but was not reimbursed for shipping it back (about $10). It seems like they could have eaten the $10 and made it back (and then some) in my ensuing purchases (of which there would have been many). Short-sightedness loses once again.

Here are the pics. It might not be too obvious how crooked these holes are, but as you know, the opposite corners of a rectangle should be the same distance apart (Top left to bottom right = Top right to bottom left). Clearly not the case here.